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Get to know Joanna Tutak, Hotel Manager, Henrietta Hotel

Working at the hotel for almost 3 years now, what got her into the industry and what does she love most about it?

By Charli Tomney | 10/05/2024

What attracted you to hotels?

I’ve loved travelling from a young age, and I felt that working with a hotel group would match my lifestyle. Working with a hotel group has given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Tourism is the fast-growing industry, where you can start with no experience and develop your career quickly. There are so many different departments and roles within a hotel, and I think it’s an incredible opportunity to be able to try and learn new things every day.

What do you enjoy most about your industry?

I enjoy the dynamic of the hotel environment. There is always something happening here, and I am never bored. I get to meet interesting people every day and am privy to their fascinating stories, their reasons they’ve travelled and why they’ve chosen to stay in a certain hotel or area.

There is also an element of challenge presented when working in a hotel, and I think it helps you to build confidence in yourself. I also find the commercial part of the business very fascinating. It’s incredible how big and small events throughout a city can impact customer booking patterns.

Ultimately, I think working in hospitality is fun, and you can really enjoy being at work. 

Biggest achievement to date?

I’m proud that I have recently completed one year as a General Manager. This is my first role as a GM, where I overlook all departments, and manage over 25 team members.

Henrietta Hotel is a small hotel; therefore, my role requires to be very heavily involved in every operational and commercial part of the business. I am proud that I could successfully build a strong team and deliver high revenue results last year.  

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Have more confidence, be more adventurous, take risks and try new things. Even the smallest things can open doors to many new opportunities.

What makes staying at Henrietta Hotel so special?

The design of the rooms is so unique. There is an incredible amount of attention to even the smallest details. And of course, the team that makes the stay so special. The location is amazing, as the hotel in based in the heart of Covent Garden, and we have so much at our fingertips, including some of London’s best restaurants and bars, especially STEREO which is the newest opening for our group. There’s also so many theatres, the Opera and museums all within a few minutes’ walk.

Where’s your favourite place to stay in the UK?

I normally travel abroad however I do have soft spot for the Oakley Court. I like to go there with my mum for a weekend and enjoy good food at the RIVER HOUSE restaurant. The Windsor area has a special vibe.

Who’s your biggest influence?

My biggest influence is Julie, a CEO of a hotel where I worked before I joined the Henrietta Hotel. She is one of the strongest and inspiring women I have ever met. All of her achievements were accomplished by her hard work and creative mind. Working along her has helped me to gain a confidence in my role and understand the industry.

Where’s a place you’d like to visit but haven’t yet?

I would like to explore Scotland. I have never been there before, but I’ve read a lot about the culture, history and it is fascinating