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Dog Friendly Hotel Stays

By Charli Tomney | 17/11/2021

The hotel industry has been on a rollercoaster ride over the last 18 months but now the UK tourism market is booming and set to stay that way, but how can you stand out in your city to ensure travellers are picking you?

The Franklin in London have recently made a big change to their guestlist by including the whole family – dogs and all! With pets becoming an even bigger part of peoples lives with working from home and daily walks they wanted to create an authentic ‘home away from home’ feel so made the decision to become a dog friendly hotel in London. Taking the worry of pet care away from guests allows them to fully relax and enjoy their well-deserved time off.

The Franklin itself is a small, chic boutique hotel which is perfect for special occasions whilst focusing on giving each individual guest a personalised experience and this is no exception for our four-legged friends. As per all rooms, your dog will be offered a bed, food, water and treats with a variety of delights on offer. There are private gardens available for walks and exploring as well as being located just a 5-minute walk from the dog haven Hyde Park! The concierge team are on hand to help with walking and playtime and are more than happy to offer activity recommendations.

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Offering extended services isn’t always possible, and pet-proofing rooms for future guests is essential. It’s always important to consider the following:

Hotel size – The Franklin limits itself to one dog per room, this allows them to keep on top of their personalised service

Location – Are you within proximity of dog friendly walks and activities, are you able to offer recommendations?

Facilities – Providing everything you would to a human guest, pet beds, food, and the addition of dog walkers, pet grooming rooms

Rules – To ensure all guests safety putting rules in place is best, proof of current vaccinations, good temperament, house trained, no fleas. Creating designated areas for dogs is great way of giving them and their owners some freedom outside of their room.

If you’re looking to stay in a dog friendly hotel its worth doing your research. Planning ahead for your trip is best, ask what amenities are available for your travel companion – any hotel that allows pets should be offering the same level of care for both you and your dog. Get an idea of where you can go for walks and take your dog beforehand.

Think about the logistics of your stay, a ground floor room might be best with easy access to gardens or designated toilet areas.  Ensuring the room is pet-proofed to your standard, it’s not always possible for hotels to make changes according to your individual needs, and you know best!

Make sure you have respect for the hotel by clearing up all mess and following all house rules – a holiday should be a pleasant experience for all those involved.

Think about your dog’s experience, what can you do to make sure they settle in for your trip? Dog friendly hotels should have an abundance of treats and toys available to help make sure you have the paw-fect trip!